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If they tell you the appliances are worth a thousand, ask for a thousand discount instead. We are getting the appliances separately - the prices that I have given above are just for the units, worktops, sink and tap. And the Howdens quote was for less units that Wickes and Benchmarx. Yep different builders have different discounts.

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But id never buy appliances from a kitchen company; better to source them seperately. They have a price-matching deal with Magnet, so if your builder hasn't got previous form with Howden's I'd go get a price from them then ping it back to Howdens and repeat a few times. Also hate their lack of transparency. Benchmarx are part of Travis Perkins, as are Wickes. They both sell the same kitchens however Benchmarx are trade only. Benchmarx come ready assembled whereas Wickes need to be assembled. I've recently had a quote for high gloss Scandinavian style kitchen that will run along the wall about 4m , plus a kitchen island.

The quality of their stuff is good and they don't have those flimsy backs that you get with Howdens. I also liked the steel pull out larders and accessories they have. I've also been looking at IKEA ranges which my builders don't really like working with! I think it will probably cost a little less, however you need to weigh up overall quality v's budget.

They are franchises and don't seem to work with other branches to help their customers out my local branch is different to the one my builder uses and where he has an account, so to get the discount, I have to go to a branch that's miles away from us!

Howdens have too much "office politics" going on and their staff are used to dealing with builders so the ultimate customer doesn't seem to matter too much to them. We will probably end up going with Benchmarx as they are much more professional and attentive. Hope this helps! I have seen 2 Howdens kitchens in-situ recently and, personally, I think they look cheap - so if they are not Don't just go for the easy option which is what builders tend to do as you will have to live with it for years.

What else do people recommend - there must me more reasonably priced kitchens around - anyone? As a punter their customer service is awful, they really pissed me off as I was asking for prices as a specifier for social housing and they still wouldn't tell me. I took my hundred plus kitchens elsewhere.

I now work for a builder who gets a big discount, but I still put ikea in my own house! Get a local kitchen company in then use your own fitter. We got the best possible discount at Howdens family of builders. Thank you all for your replies - so helpful and ThunderboltKid and MaudLebowski , thank you for confirming what I suspected. Unfortunately our builder cannot find the email with the prices and Howdens have deleted the original design from their records now.

They told me that they will not be beaten on price and would match the Benchmarx quote - I have to send it to them so they can go through and make sure they are comparing like for like. I told her it was ridiculous to expect me to send in a competitor's quote when she won't talk to me about their own prices.

As others have said, their lack of transparency is just crazy - all too cloak and daggers. Plus I have been more impressed by Benchmarx throughout anyway. OP I'm feeling this could be me writing this. I also found it very frustrating that Howdens wouldn't give me prices, but told me to "pick my dream kitchen then we can juggle to fit budget". My kitchen is a decent size but not huge - no island unit or anything like that.

Thing is, they won't tell me the individual line item prices so paring it back down has been somewhat painful!

Interesting my worktop is also laminate but I was given the impression that was the "standard" worktop? Now beginning to doubt my decision - I went with it because I loved the design but don't like the thought I may have been "done"! I was very confused in Habitat recently, looking at their kitchens.

There are no prices anywhere, not even in the catalogue. The man working there told me just to bring in my measurements and together we'd design my ideal kitchen, then if it wasn't my budget, we'd juggle things and work it to fit my budget. Incomprehensible to me, really. How lovely to hear the same thing from you busjs79 although it doesn't really help you out They have beaten Benchmarx!!!

What a faff for so little result. So we will just stick with Benchmarx but like busjs79 we have the distinct feeling we are being 'done' and that's it just our bad luck that we happened to choose a builder who has no history with Howdens. That's the thing swillows - my builder does use Howdens.

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A lot. Never mind. I'm hoping in a month or two we will both be able to add pics to the thread showing them all off! Good luck with it! Howdens are expensive, but no builder pays close to the list price I have seen their actual price list which should only be in the hands of builders, and it really is extortionate. Most builders would pay about 5k for that, then plus their own mark up and labour costs Even though their sale was ending in a couple of days Benn made no attempt to talk us into making a decision.

He printed out the plans in large scale and gave them to us to take home and look at in our own time. My daughter went back on her own and she and Benn went through the entire plan once again to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and she then placed the order.

Benn was a really nice guy, polite, very good SOH, friendly and professional. I think we both felt we could really trust and put our faith in him. The showroom itself had a very pleasant atmosphere and all the staff seemed friendly.

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We visited the South Croydon branch of Howdens, and Bev has been exceptionally helpful in planning our kitchen. Ran through all the options for fittings and fixtures and has come up with a really good design.

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Kitchen ordered and we're excited to have it installed! We had a new kitchen designed and fitted. The design of the kitchen by Rachel is extremely good and has led to more space in the room, but with a lot more storage in the cupboards. The overall kitchen is high quality and looks and feels very good, winning wows from friends. Al through the process we have felt ver supported and helped in decisions by the expertise of Rachel and the team at Howdens Darlington branch, nothing was too much to ask.

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Thank you. Denise and Chris Turner. My husband and I would like to thank the Redhill branch of Howdens for their excellent recent service. We are absolutely delighted with the kitchen design, quality and competitive price. We cannot believe the transformation that has just taken place.

Full marks especially to Richard Heatherson for his patience and professionalism through the design process, nothing was too much trouble. We would strongly recommend Howdens. Jenny Simpson. As an account holder I always use the South Croydon branch of Howdens and find their staff on this occasion Luke extremely helpful and happy to go over and above.

Within 20minutes a design was put together on the fly and fitted exactly what I had in mind and delivery was made the very next day. All staff very friendly and make my life a lot less hassle. Order went extremely smoothly so thanks. Booked what I thought was going to be a home visit for planning my kitchen.

They gave me a date and time but they never showed up nor phoned me. Terrible service so needs to say I will be spending my money elsewhere.